Our ambition is to create a globally leading network of research on the game industry, from a business perspective. 




New edition of the course in the Spring of 2019

The 3rd edition of the course 'Game Industry' will be held in the Spring of 2019. As  in earlier editions, the course will have a close connection with the industry. More information about the course will be released in the Summer of 2018.


More than 40 participants in the edition of 2017

Integrated with the prestigious course CEMS (Global Alliance in Management Education) the second edition of the course "Game Industry" had more than 40 participants, with a number of different nationalities.


The course 'Game Industry' was launched at Aalto Univ. 

In 2016 we created and launched a new master course: "Game Industry: Born Global, Innovative and Digital" that brought together students from different schools. 


Guest lectures about the game industry in different courses

Since 2015 we have been giving lectures in different courses, such as the course 'Design and Branding' at Aalto University School of Arts (2015) and the course 'Operating in Different Cultural and Institutional Contexts' at Aalto University School of Business (2016).


Research with impact.

We have been developing a series of teaching case studies and academic articles about the game industry. 


Engagement with industry.


We have been developing a close interaction with game companies and have been organizing workshops and seminars intended to promote the sharing of knowledge and best practices. We have also established bridges to actors in the public sector and developed different events where there has been a reflection on the current state of the industry and on the challenges and responsabilities for the future.